Plan your pregnancy better during Covid-19 with prenatal genetic testing

And they lived happily ever after!

Glad to meet you at this beautiful junction of life with your partner. We hope you’re ready to take happier strides towards planning a family & foreseeing a future full of precious moments with a healthy baby.

Well! If now’s the time, we suggest taking your routine health care seriously.

Right from planning a family to conceiving, nurturing the embryo & fetus, & delivering a healthy baby, your health matters & so do your genes.

Importance of genes: The vital steps of family planning during Covid-19

Identify the risks early & take preventive measures

It’s the best of times for you to think about getting pregnant; it’s the worst of times out there with Covid-19. So take calculative & precautionary baby steps!

While you’ve started making a chart about the mental, physical & financial aspects of family planning, have you thought about your genes?

Genes are the one that defines your baby. You may or may not have a family history of genetic disorders that could be passed on to your offspring, but you can’t take risks. Isn’t it?

During the tough times of the pandemic when every ringing doorbell, every footstep outside, & every single contact could bring unforeseeable danger, it is vital to identify risks & take preventive measures.

While the Corona virus is known to bring communicable illness, genes play a prominent role in passing on non-communicable diseases. During pregnancy or family planning, genetic disorders (changes in a person’s genes due to missing or extra chromosomes) can make the baby unhealthy.

So, what should you do?

The answer to all your queries related to risk-free family planning lies in prenatal genetic counselling & testing.

What is prenatal genetic counselling & testing?

Genetic testing means getting your DNA diagnosed & tested for genetic disorders. Prenatal genetic testing is doing the same before planning a family or during the pregnancy to become aware of the risks of passing on any genetic abnormalities to your future children.

US National Library of Medicines suggests that prenatal genetic testing is the best approach to get aware of the genetic abnormalities before getting pregnant. A prenatal screening test can help you to plant the seeds of genetic testing in the preconception stage of family planning to detect the risks of defective genes beforehand.

Genetic counselling before genetic testing

Genetic counselling helps you & your partner understand your genes based on your heredity & family history.

Understand your risks through counselling.

Get to know whether you require genetic testing or not.

If yes, find out the appropriate genetic test for you through experts.

Discover the likelihood of defective genes, & plan preventive & healthy measures.

Schedule a safe prenatal genetic counselling session from the comfort of your home. TruGeny’s flexible tele-genetics platform connects you with expert counsellors via phone or online consultation at your convenience.

Types of genetic testing for family planning

Prenatal screening tests

These tests will make you aware of the risks of any genetic abnormalities in either one of you before conceiving. Also they make you well aware of the possibility of passing on genetic disorders to your baby.

Carrier screening tests

Before planning a family, a Carrier screening test will help you to foresee the risks of inherited disorders from genetic changes in either one of you. It involves screening the blood tests or saliva samples.

You as a couple can easily opt for the Carrier screening test before getting pregnant. It is the safest way to understand your genes before entering into family planning.

Prenatal diagnostic tests

This is the next big step of detailed analysis of the placenta to check the actual health of the fetus.

Even before the genetic counselling! Do you as a couple require prenatal genetic testing?

The best plan for a baby can be made by his parents. Even before scheduling a meeting with a genetic counselling expert, these factors can help you to decide when should one opt for genetic counselling?

Is it safe to undergo prenatal genetic testing during the pandemic?

While you can get genetic counselling done from the comfort of your home, the counsellors will tell you the next steps.

If you require prenatal genetic testing after that, consider it like one more visit to your gynecologist. This time, to foresee the contingencies, & prepare yourselves for a healthier pregnancy & delivery.

Getting a genetic test done before planning a family & during pregnancy will make you prepared to take informed & preventive steps in delivering a healthy baby. You can always show these reports to your gynecologist to get more assurance & confidence in the early stages of your family planning & throughout your pregnancy.

You can always choose a reliable health partner like TruGeny to help you undergo prenatal genetic testing while maintaining the necessary precautions for Covid-19.

Benefits of prenatal genetic counselling & testing

How accurate is prenatal genetic testing?

In most cases, the results of prenatal genetic testing are accurate. However, there are chances of getting the false-negative or false-positive results that vary from test to test. So it is always advisable to choose expert counsellors & trusted genetic testing partners to minimise the risks of getting inaccurate test results.

Also, there is a lot of anxiety that couples experience during prenatal genetic testing. That is absolutely normal for the parents-to-be!

Ignorance is not bliss while planning a baby. A genetic disorder can make a predominant impact on the well-being of your family. The change in genes indicates the risks of Down syndrome or serious brain & spinal abnormalities in the embryo.

It’s up to you to decide to go with or against prenatal genetic tests after consulting an expert genetic counsellor’s opinion.

However, keep in mind – Prevention is always better than cure! So choose wisely.

Reliable health partners for prenatal genetic counselling

The ongoing pandemic has made it imperative to take your routine health care seriously. When it comes to starting a family, you must make informed decisions for your preconception & pregnancy health without an iota of doubt.

At TruGeny, our expert team of genetic counsellors will guide you to taking the baby steps of family planning peacefully & carefully. You can rest assured that this certified team of genetic counselling & testing services will assist you in understanding your genes better. Any risks of the defective genes that have the slightest chances of getting passed on to your baby can be detected much earlier. Or how about getting satisfied & worry-free after prenatal genetic counselling or testing that there is no risk at all?

Congratulations! That’s good news indeed.

Together, let’s build a healthier & joyous future full of happy family for you.

Take the first right step towards your family. Book an appointment for prenatal genetic counselling for both of you right away.


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