Pre Pregnancy checklist: 5 things to do now if you’re planning for a baby

That’s great news!

Finally you guys are thinking of planning a baby and getting promoted to ‘parenthood.’ That’s so cool!

From pink to blue, let all your dreams come true. Now is the right time to start preparing your mind, body, and life to welcome your honey bunny on a healthier and happier note.

Let’s get started on preparing your pre-conception to-dos checklist one by one. Here we go!

Do you & your man tally?

Having a baby is a big responsibility. From me to we; you’re planning to go three, or four maybe. So you both have to be mentally prepared. The baby steps to family planning start with having a parenting talk with your partner. For e.g., how will you share the childcare? Will both of you continue working, or will either one stay at home? Vent out your fears, talk about your expectations, and set priorities. Start training your mind that, going forward, whatever decisions you’ll have to make, you need to think from your lil one’s perspective.

Now decide, are you both ready mentally?

Think about money honey

All the Ps and Bs of family planning come costly. Have you thought about planning a baby from a financial perspective? If not, consider that too. Because even before you start trying to conceive, you’ll need to shed bucks too early in the cycle. From your regular ob/gyn visits to routine check-ups to pregnancy & delivery, bringing a baby costs a fortune. Try having a nest egg set up where you can stash funds for all things family planning. You’ll feel better, safe, and well prepared to bring your munchkin into this world.

Your granny gave the same advice too. Isn’t it?

Take care of your body

You’re going to be the creator! Stop obsessing over the 36-24-36 frame of the body. Give a break to carelessly putting on those extra kilos. Your body needs to be super fit to conceive healthily and deliver happily.

So step on the scale. Check your weight. Devise a plan to exercise regularly. Perfectly balanced body weight will help you conceive easily with fewer risks and complications. Your BMI should be between 19 & 24; that is the get-pregnant ideal.

Next, go off the contraceptive pills. Start observing your natural menstrual cycle, ovulation, & the most fertile time. Another important thing is to pop in multivitamins. That means cutting down on junk & leaning more on a healthy diet. Consume lots of greens, citrus, beans, nuts, veggies, and whole grains. Your body will need lots of protein, iron, calcium, and folic acid. Consult your doctor to start taking multivitamin pills. A daily dose of 400 micrograms of folic acid will help prevent spine and brain-related birth defects.

Take it easy with miscellaneous care

Family planning is part and parcel of life. Don’t go overboard with doing this or not doing that. From an infant to a toddler, to a tween or a teen, you will become an expert too. So take a chill pill. Relax! Go for movies. Plan a babymoon with your hubby. Stock up on sleep. Talk to your mom about her pregnancy. But remember to curtail those addictive coffee sips to one or 2 cups a day. Less boozing & less frequent partying. Your favorite restaurants? Yes. Enjoying with your girlfriends? Yes. But less shopping, as you won’t be going to fit in those clothes for now. Last but not least, try to stay away from stress, be calm and happy.

Get a routine health check-up of your Genes

While planning for a baby, don’t forget that your genes matter. A baby inherits one set of genes from the mother, while another from the father. You may or may not have a family history of genetic disorders, but why take a risk! Sometimes a carrier of a genetic disorder doesn’t even know that he/she is a carrier because there are no symptoms. But any genetic risk when passed on to the baby can be the cause of certain birth defects or serious diseases like Down syndrome, Cystic fibrosis, or even Huntington’s disease.

Prenatal Genetic Counselling will help you understand your genetic health & take preventive actions for any risks. Undergoing early Genetic screening will help in making informed decisions right from the start of your family planning. All you have to do is schedule a Prenatal Genetic Counselling session with an expert, just like the way you plan your regular obstetrician visits. And you both will be on the way to a healthier pregnancy.

Find your trustworthy prenatal genetic healthcare partner

We always have a family doctor and a family gynecologist whom we trust blindly. At TruGeny, you can find the same level of comfort and confidence for your Prenatal Genetic healthcare. Our experienced counselors can talk with you at length to understand your genetic history and guide you in the right direction. You may or may not need a Genetic Screening or Prenatal Genetic testing; our expert will help you find out everything.

For the well-being of your baby, talking to a Genetic counseling expert is worth giving a shot. Right? You can do that right from the comfort of your home by scheduling a virtual session with us. So go ahead, book your session now & together, we can plan for a healthier junior version of you or your partner.

Your Genes Matter. Take Charge.

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