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Did you know that most diseases have a genetic cause? truGeny’s board certified and expert genetic counsellors can help evaluate if you as a couple are carrying any genetic risk that could be passed on to your child.

truGeny Most trusted Genetic Counseling
truGeny Most trusted Genetic Counseling

Learn about your genes and your health risks from the comfort of your home

With truGeny’s flexible tele-genetics platform, you can select for a phone or an online video consultation and schedule a timing of your convenience.

Be Proactive about your Health. Get Genetic Counselling.

Our expert genetic counsellors will help you evaluate your risks and guide you to make the right choices for better health. The duration of a counselling session will be for 30 minutes. At the end of the session, you will receive an easy-to-understand summary and guidance on the next steps to follow.

truGeny Most trusted Genetic Counseling

Reasons for you to schedule a Genetic Counselling Session

Who will benefit from truFamily Carrier Screening Test?

What will you get?

truGeny Most trusted Genetic Counseling

Understanding of your genetic risks or to consider genetic testing

You will receive a 30 to 60 minute phone or video consultation with our genetic counsellors. They will discuss your genetic risks, and various testing options as appropriate and help you understand the significance of testing.

Understanding of your genetic test reports

You will receive a 30 minute phone or video consultation. Our Genetic Counselling experts will help you interpret and understand the genetic test report. They will explain about what these results mean for you and your family. The counsellors will answer your questions and discuss further options that you could consider.

truGeny Most trusted Genetic Counseling


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